Aloha from A valley girl in Kona-Town

Born and raised in L.A., I was told in a dream that I'm a "singer and a poet" and decided to boldly indicate that here no matter what reaction I get. I'm still owning up to it.  Always in love with piano & words since before I could remember,  I followed a passion for school and probably an equating of "achievement" with "worth" into a masters level music therapy and mental health counseling program, preceded by a B.A. in English Lit. (because of the words thing).  I love creating songs and do so by the boat-load upon the sea of non-tranquility that is my vast & vibrant thoughts and subtle & stark emotions. I love every second of it and continue to make peace with and move past a resistance to sharing my music more and a need for everything to sound pretty perfect. I'm making progress. I'm a dabbler in mixed media art and delicious fine food, fitness & dance (secretly I wish I were a modern dancer - the acrobatic kind). I have lived in Hawaii for 8 sun-kissed years and since 2008 have worked in schools, art centers, group homes, private homes, psychiatric hospitals, and addiction recovery centers both in Hawaii and on the mainland. I offer performance, creative collaboration, piano composition, score-writing, songwriting, as well as private music therapy sessions, personal songwriting coaching, and group workshops for kids & adults based in music & wellness, creative word-smithing, and all-around inspired artistic expression.  Whether acting as a music therapist, teaching artist, or performer, I aim to promote increased self-awareness, self-worth, & joy through the experience of unique personal artistry.


My original songs

The love of my life is the Song. Especially the synergy of piano, voice, and lyrics. My easiest wisdom and most creative nuggets issue forth in song, and sharing them continues to be the most varied and passionate experience of my life. I sincerely hope my unique artistry inspires yours.


Hire me to create music for you

I enjoy  creating meaningful & emotion-filled music of all kinds.  You may hire me to create an intuitively-tailored song for your special project, performance, film, or loved one. I also offer sessions to help you find & share your own songs.

Help Me spread my cause

All proceeds go to music & music therapy equipment and with every donation of any amount, I donate an hour of music performance or musical activities to a deserving community on the Big Island.

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